Please note that @t3headless/nuxt-typo3 is still available as part of the Early Access Program.

More details about the benefits will be provided soon.

NPM Token

If you have joined the EAP program, you will receive an npm auth token that allows you to fetch all packages from the @t3headless private scope. One of the available packages is nuxt-typo3-forms, which delivers support for handling forms. We will be sharing additional packages that are beneficial for composing your TYPO3 website.

.npmrc setup

To fetch nuxt-typo3 from @t3headless's private scope, please set up an .npmrc file.

Export your token as a global variable:


Edit your .npmrc file:

Please note that .npmrc for yarn/pnpm requires additional configuration for fetching packages at the Gitlab instance level. More details here
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